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American Brewing Company

American Brewing Company
180 W. Dayton St

From the first sip it's captivating. And it finishes strong - leaving you wanting more. Each of our meticulously crafted concoctions is inspired by a great American story. Some our parents told us as kids. Some we've read in the news. Some we've lived. Every story reflects the personality and flavor of the beer it represents. In one glass you may drink a sultry, dark stout inspired by devilish deeds. Or you may tap a blonde ale paying homage to a sexy silver screen seductress. Whether the source of our inspiration be earth-shattering news, outlandishly wild barroom tales, or triumphant moments in American history, the result will always be the same. Our beer will inspire you to do more than drink- it will inspire you to become worthy of your own tale. Our brewery was completed in January of 2011, and we commenced brewing immediately. - See more at:

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