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Bare Arms Brewing Company

Bare Arms Brewing Company
2515 LaSalle Avenue

In our experiences we've come to the conclusion that talk is easy. Simply put, if you are passionate about something you shouldn't be afraid to roll up your sleeves, bare your arms and go to work. We're passionate about providing a quality product, and we are not afraid of the work, thus the name Bare Arms Brewing.

From the day we started home-brewing people were interested. This was not just because the beer was good and free but from the idea of brewing beer itself. As engineers, we couldn't keep from digging further in order to know more about the process. In doing so we advanced rapidly from extract kits to full grain kits and to our own full grain recipes. The interest and excitement from peers was very noticeable. We would constantly get asked when we would brew a certain batch again, what we had fermenting, or what we had on the sketch board.  

One of the reasons we got into home-brewing was because other people would say "it would be cool if we brewed our own beer". After hearing that several times we decided that sometimes you just have to take the chance and do it yourself. We definitely enjoyed home-brewing but started getting asked if we were going to do more and getting compliments from others who tried the beer from one of our friend's tastings. Their compliments would occasionally end with "you should sell this". That started a trend of "it would be cool if you or someone started a brewery". So we did our research and decided, again, sometimes you have to roll up your sleeves, bare your arms and go to work. 

Success isn't just about taking chances; in order to succeed, you have to put in hard work and take a leap of faith.

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