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Berchman's Brewing Company

Berchman's Brewing Company
1110 Dazet Rd

About us:

Doug's father Berchman, is the face on the company logo. Unfortunately, he passed away when Doug was a young boy and he never had the honored privilege of having a beer with his dad, therefore, this logo is symbolic.

We are both farm raised, with  a deep love and devotion to the land and holding a strong interest in crafting beers that showcase The Yakima Valley's assets.

The brew house on our residential property has room for expansion. Presently, there is no public tasting room. We self-distribute our beer.

Currently, we are bottling and kegging three selections. We are always working on different flavor profiles and styles.

West Valley IPA: 80 IBU, 6 ABV. Brewed with Yakima Valley hops. This IPA offers hoppy aromas and flavors without intense bitterness.

Wide Hollow Pale Ale: 40 IBU, 6 ABV. Brewed with Yakima Valley hops. This PA is the refreshing and light sibling to our IPA.

Dark Pony Coffee Stout: 40 IBU, 6 ABV. Brewed with Yakima Valley hops, rich espresso and dark chocolate.

Our beer is crafted utilizing the finest hops, grains, specialized ingredients and pure artesian water. Additionally, our beer is bottle conditioned. This process allows for natural carbonation, akin to the Belgian style. Our beer is often cloudy with residual suspended yeast. With a conditioned beer, the flavor becomes better and more complex with age.

Berchman's Brewing Company strives to be 100% waste free. We currently partner with local small farms and gardens in the use of our spent grain. Our deep artesian well provides very cold water which is used to cool our wort (beer) for our fermentation process, then used to keep our grounds green.

Our beer can be found at The Beer Shoppe, West Valley Tavern, Wray's Thriftway on 56th/Summitview and 72nd/Nob Hill, Rosauers, and Deep Sea Deli.

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