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Captured By Porches Brewing Company

Captured By Porches Brewing Company
639 SE 223rd Ave

About Us:

Beginning around 2002 as an eclectic homebrew club (whose "members" would frequently find themselves captured by the brewer's porch, with a bottle of something special in hand and good times and conversation afoot), CbP has slowly morphed into this family's source of income and means of artistic creativity.

Our brewery is located on Cowlitz Street, in the heart of the historic area of St. Helens. We are proud to open our brewery alongside a great variety of restaurants with delicious fare as well as specialty and antique shops with fun and interesting items for sale. For families, there is a wonderful little park to play in on the waterfront, an ice cream shop and movies at the local theatre. There are festivals and events on the historic waterfront in the summer - so please check it out if you come to check us out!

Our goal is to continue serving the greater Portland area but expand to include Columbia County and beyond... By this I mean to say we would like to share our creations with pubs, bars and restaurants on the Oregon and Washington Coasts. How do we plan to do this? Slowly and carefully. One thing we have learned in the past few years is patience. Sometimes, in order to do something right, one has to be patient and take one step at a time.

So, be sure to look for us and ASK for us in your local bar, pub or restaurant. Look for our bottles of fine ales in your local store. Call us to donate kegs to your event, charity or organization. We will consider all requests.

Captured by Porches Brewing Company is here to stay. We promise to always do our best by creating only the finest in craft ales and we appreciate you and your business.

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