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English Setter Brewing Company

English Setter Brewing Company
15310 East Marietta Avenue, Suite 4

This is a hobby that got out of control!  We started out brewing our own beer because we couldn't find any beer we really liked.  We were just happy in our own little world, brewing and tossing them back.  How could life get any better?   Our friends and family were coming over to "borrow" a cup of beer and staying around to enjoy a second one.  The driveway was starting to fill up with neighbors in their chairs. We were rapidly running out of beer! 

There were some microbreweries springing up around us and we started going to try other brews that were becoming available.  There were so many great brews out there, we thought it would be fun to become a microbrewery and supply custom beer to weddings, anniversaries, special events, etc. plus, we could charge our neighbors to at least cover the cost of the beer.   It went from there to us looking at each other and saying "Whoa, this is getting out of control".  We started looking for a location to move the brewery to.  That's how we found ourselves in our current location.  The amazing thing is, that even though we added a 3BBL system to our current 1BBL system, we are running through beer faster than ever!  We added food and live music and now everything is out of control.  Needless to say, we are loving it!  Come on by and add to the chaos!

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