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Adirondack Pub And Brewery

33 Canada Street

An Adirondack themed restaurant serving American cuisine and great beer from the Adirondacks, brewed right on site!


Katie Dombrowski

Thursday, Aug. 2, 2018
I love sitting on the front patio next to the fire pit and under the lights. The beer taster is always a good choice so you can try a bunch of different things. The cucumber sour is awesome if you visit in the summer. The food is awesome. The patio is self-serve, so you go inside to the bar and then bring your drinks outside. They do have full service indoor and outdoor seating though. My biggest tip: THEY CLOSE EARLIER THAN YOU THINK. Be sure to check the time they close before heading over.

alan truex

Tuesday, Aug. 7, 2018
The amount of flies both inside and out was pretty disgusting. We were seated inside but decided to move out due to flies (men's bathroom had a swarm of flies). Our waitress took initial order but didn't see her again before food came. We had finished our beers and kids their drinks long before that. Food tasted good, beers good but can't say I would recommend based on other factors.

Nick Ligon

Monday, July 30, 2018
Visited during a really busy time but was willing to wait. Our 35 minute estimated wait time turned into less than 10 mins. Instantly our waitress came over to grab us drinks. The beer was great and the food was even better. I ordered the Black & Blue burger and ordered it medium-rare (which I only do at places I can trust). The cook and flavor was out of this world and I almost ordered another one it was so fantastic. 10/10 would recommend.

Jenny Lu

Sunday, Aug. 5, 2018
Food was pretty good but disappointingly small portions for the price. I had the Adirondack Salad with chicken and it was around $15– it was basically a starter salad size. There were only four pieces or so of chicken in the salad. Their beer is good too; note that for the flight you get six to try but three are included so you get to choose three. Worst part was the service... our waitress disappeared for extremely long stretches and we waited forever for her to come pick up the check. It wasn’t just us, I heard other tables complaining around us who had the same waitress. I might go back, but hope they improve the service (and portions!).


Wednesday, June 6, 2018
I came here a few years ago and loved it. However this time was not so great. Got there 20 minutes to 4pm, and was given the lunch menu. We felt like having one of the steaks (there isn't a good variety in the area and they have the best ones) but the steaks are on the dinner menu apparently. Asked if we could order from the dinner menu instead. Was told no by the waitress. Seemed like she didn't care enough to even find out if this could be possible. Especially considering the menu would change over to dinner in 20 minutes - it shouldn't have been that big of a deal. Not to mention we'd be paying the business more- one steak is the cost of two burgers from the lunch menu. So we didn't make a big deal of it and just ordered burgers. However, I asked if it would be possible to substitute my fries for a baked potato and she said "I don't have any baked potatoes." I told her I saw it on the menu, to which she replied "They are for dinner." So you're telling me you guys are going to be a stickler for time like that? Maybe, or perhaps she just didn't care. I could understand if we came in at 12pm and asked for these things but literally it was only 20 minutes and by the time our drinks came out it was basically 4pm anyway. Also to top it all off, there was a small hair in my plate under my fries.

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