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Birdsview Brewing Company

Birdsview Brewing Company
38302 State Route 20

About Us:

Birdsview Brewery is a small craft brewery located in scenic Birdsview, Washington. We brew all of our beer on premises. Birdsview Brewery is a great place to visit, whether you are on the North Cascades Highway just passing through, or seeking a destination for food, beer, and fun with friends. We are family owned and operated, and offer a easy-going, relaxing atmosphere.

Brewmaster and owner, Bill Voigt, works hard at keeping all 10 beers on tap. With a 7 barrel system, this is no easy feat. Bill is always coming up with new ideas for different beers, from a peach infused lager to Fresh Hop Pale Ale made with hops grown right on site, there is always something new in the works. Brewing beer is very demanding physical labor, but Bill loves what he does, strives for perfection, and takes great pride in his finished product. Youngest Voigt daughter, Julie, has been working as Bill's assistant brewmaster since 2012. Look for them to be world-famous one day as a rare father-daughter brewing duo!

The brewery has been family owned and operated since opening in 2006. As you can imagine, working with all family can be both extraordinarily fun at times, and other times extremely annoying. We like to call the family bickering and squabbles a "fun family dynamic." At the end of the day though, we love what we do and our goal is to provide a fun and enjoyable experience every time.

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