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Boring Brewing Company

Boring Brewing Company
13503 SouthEast Richey Road

About Us:

My journey to Boring Brewing started  24 years ago when I began my ventures in Homebrewing.  I read everything related to brewing I could get my hands on.  Some would say I was obsessed.  I always wanted to open a brewpub or brewery but it was always a dream for me.  The stars seemed to align this last year and it looked like it was possible to open a brewery in a accessory building on my property.  After jumping through mounds of paperwork, I finally became licensed to brew beer on a commercial level.  This is where I bring you Boring Brewing - a Nano Brewery  that is focused on quality.  Our beers spend the correct amount of time in the fermenter followed by a cold age in a bright beer tank where optimal carbonation and flavor is obtained prior to making it to your pint glass.  Look for our beers at the best establishments

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