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Crux Fermentation Project

Crux Fermentation Project
50 SouthWest Division Street

Crux brewmaster Larry Sidor and our brewery team are always in pursuit of the next great beei beer that defies taste profiles with its complexity and creativity. We've designed our brewery to allow for non-traditional brewing methods like decoction mashing, open fermentation, oak barrel aging, wild yeast strains and experimental hops.

Our Tasting Room is right in the middle of the brewery, partly because that's all the space we had left and partly because we wanted to invite you to get closer to it all. In fact, if you'd like a brewery tour, just swivel in your bar stool a couple times. Behind you, the hop cooler. To your left, the brewdeck, fermenters and oak barrels containing our next Banished-series beers. And before you, conditioning tanks and an ever-changing menu of what's currently pouring.

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