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Milton's Brewing

108 East Mermod Street

Milton's Brewing opened in the Summer of 2016 near the heart of downtown Carlsbad. Our brewery and taproom features both indoor and outdoor seating for your comfort and conversation while you imbibe with a Milton’s or one of our guest beer and wine selections. We create small batches on site to expand local tastes and culture, and the brews are available by the sample, flight, or pint and to take home in growlers. Whether you're coming to enjoy live entertainment, local and regional food trucks, or a hand-crafted beer, the experience of Milton's is unlike any other to be had in the Cavern City.


Kristie Strieby

Saturday, March 17, 2018
Atmosphere was great, they had a live band which was excellent. It felt very cozy and welcoming inside. Had a classy pub feel to it. Pricing was decent, 5.00 a beer and a 5.00 per person cover charge for the special event on St Patrick's Day. Only 4 stats because I did not care for the beer. The initial taste of it was good but the after taste was just too strong for my taste. Bartenders were helpful and friendly. Would definitely go again but would try wine next time.

Cory Strieby

Monday, March 19, 2018
I was highly dissatisfied with the beer I had. It was very off flavor and I could have brewed it better at home in my sock closet. When I was there, they had wonderful live entertainment and the where service g some great pizza. Over all I am giving them 3 stars for nailing the atmosphere, but again they seemed to bomb on there product. It wasn't horrible it just had a poor after taste of using tap water to brew with. I will try them again. And update this review if there's improvement. I think it may have been a bad batch.

Kinsey Cooper

Sunday, May 27, 2018
Milton's is fun. There is a nice indoor area and a great patio with some fun games. The beer is super decent. Red stapler is only $5 and all beer drinkers in our group liked it.

Nigel Gonzalez

Saturday, July 28, 2018
Being a person who has been to multiple breweries around the country. Place is meh. Neat atmosphere, some dude bartender acted like my brothers and I didn't exist. Soon as a white guy comes, oh runs to his service, ok. Born and raised in Carlsbad, not surprised. Other bartender, a woman, is trying to get home. So its 9:15 pm, they close at 10:00 pm, Ok, whatever, understandable. Owner looks cool, big beard looks friendly. Beer selection, meh. Bosque Lager is a Southwestern staple I've had multiple places. I stayed with the tried and true, didn't disappoint. If they get some younger bartenders who are enthusiastic about life they can go further. Seems like they're doing ok. Maybe they're ok with being mediocre? Take it to the next level. Get a younger crew and stay open an hour later. Over all 3 star, mostly for the atmosphere, and they have ok beer selections.

Mike Mihalik

Saturday, Dec. 30, 2017
In town on a little national park road trip and we found this brewery online. It was outstanding. I was heartbroken they didn't have the Red Stapler on tap but every single beer they brew is legit. Guadalupe Mountain Brewing Company was generic and plain - Milton's Brewing features real craft beer that is just a little different than what you're used to. Highly recommend this place to any craft beer enthusiasts.

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