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Mt Pilchuck Brewery

Mt Pilchuck Brewery
8115 137th Ave SE


In the beginning, like any company, we spent hours upon hours attempting to come up with the perfect mission statement.  We agonized over it.  We revised it.  We revised it again. We added another colorful adjective here.  We added another motivating undertone there.  We packed it with words like "commitment" and "strive".   We made it look pretty when you wrote it in cursive.   We imagined it being read aloud by James Earl Jones right before we did anything.  Somehow we wanted it to empower us, to make us better at what we do.

In our quest to get the perfect mission statement - we finally took a step back and changed our approach.  We decided to write a mission statement with a goal that's who we are, not a sentiment of who we want to be - so we removed the warm, fuzzy words over-spilling with inspiration but holding none of the grit and honesty of the real thing.

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