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Prodigal Son Brewery and Pub

Prodigal Son Brewery and Pub
230 SE Court Avenue

Pendleton, Oregon. A small agricultural town located at the foothills of the beautiful Blue Mountains. And now home to some of the best beers in the state. We're passionate about fermentation and it shows in our brews. Whether it's a dry-hopped Northwest IPA or a malt-heavy Porter, the Prodigal Son is dedicated to exploring the possibilities of grain, hops and yeast. Creativity is something we value in our Ales and it's our goal to incorporate regional ingredients into beers that go beyond convention. Brewing to style is not our objective; we prefer to focus our explorations on the potential of beer.

But we're more than just brewing, we've got good food to boot. The Prodigal Son features a menu that combines traditional pub fare with scratch cooking. Here you will find regional ingredients incorporated into handcrafted cuisine. We have a bona fide chef with an artist's muse- and his work is truly the product of inspiration. Our food is unique -you might even say it has character.

We're proud to be back home, here in Eastern Oregon. Come visit anytime, and stay as long as you like. We hope you will join us on our journey to beervana. Lucky for you, your efforts will be rewarded with good beer.

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