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Red Gap Brewing

Red Gap Brewing
712 Conrad Hilton Blvd

Individually, both families originated in small towns and have longed for the grass roots, “country” lifestyle that occurs when distance from the city increases. As families, we recognize time stops and our lives’ are more deeply connected to our Creator in Cisco. It’s our belief that God created us for community and that’s exactly why Red Gap exists. We desire to connect with the city of Cisco and surrounding areas by knowing the names and stories of those who walk in our doors. Cisco, Texas is a West Texas town, much like other West Texas towns, small, conservative, gritty and filled with honest, hard-working, great people. Like the town and the people, Red Gap Brewing Company is striving to create a brand and a beer, that is gritty, true and honest. Although we may create a "fancy" beer every once in a while, we want to create beer that appeals to the person who likes beer for beer.

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