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Tumbledown Brewing

Tumbledown Brewing
805 Farmington Falls Road, Suite 7

An avid beer enthusiast, Matt first developed his love of brewing in 2004 when he began making his own beer.  After a few batches made from kits, Matt immediately began developing his own recipes.  As his passion grew, so did his brew system, eventually transitioning to the all grain system you see for test batches at the brewery today.  Friends, family and acquatainces have enjoyed our Tumbledown Red for about 8 years. 

When you start small the only thing to do is grow--that is the idea behind our start-up plan. We have taken a small location in Farmington, remodeled it and turn it into a small production brewery. Look for Tumbledown Brewing beer to be served and distributed locally; plans for other creative means of getting our thirst-quenching ales out there are also in the works!

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