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Wild Ride Brewing

Wild Ride Brewing
332 SW 5th Street

We began our brewing operation utilizing a new 20BBL two-vessel brewing system, with three 40BBL Fermentation Vessels and one 40BBL Brite Tank. This operation allowed us to brew both single 20BBL batches of our beers, but also double-batch our beers for better efficiency and consistency. When we began brewing in the spring of 2014, most all of our brews were single batches. Once we opened our doors to the Tap Room in May, and soon after began distribution with Point Blank Distributing, we quickly learned that double-batch brews were necessary to keep up with production to meet demand.

In 2014 we brewed 23 different styles of beer. In total, we brewed 66 times, producing over 1,200BBLs of our beer. In late summer, we committed to our first expansion, by purchasing three more new 40BBL Fermentation Vessels, and one more 40BBL Brite Tank. The new tanks arrived in December, and were operational by the middle of January, 2015. With the addition of these tanks, our annual production capacity is now 6,000BBL.

Through 2015, we have now brewed 41different styles of beer. During the year we produced over 2,400BBLs of our beer. We currently distribute in the Central Oregon, Portland, Salem & Eugene areas with Point Blank Distribution, Vancouver and Seattle with Alpha Distribution, and Southern Oregon with Summit Beverages.  Distribution is the backbone of Wild Ride Brewing's business, and in 2016 we'll look to continue expanding our distribution reach to other areas including Idaho.

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